Why Should You Support?

I began working on UNTV in November 2013 in an effort to provide my own answer to the new wave of living room devices. With devices like the AppleTV deliberately not shipping with things as apparently novel as USB ports for watching my own digital copies of movies or forcing me to pay insane prices for media which is riddled with DRM, I realized that there was a gap in the free software community.

Granted there is XBMC and its popular fork, Plex, I wanted to build something entirely new. More specifically, I wanted to build a platform using open web technology to open the gates to contributions as wide as possible. With a low barrier to entry and tons of possibilities a free project can thrive.

There is more too. UNTV isn't just a hobby or even just software, but a symbol of freedom in an ever-restrictive world when it comes to how you can consume media. I built UNTV because I love 3 things: freedom, movies, and writing code. If you share a love for any of those 3 things, you can support this project by contributing code, sharing it with your friends, or making a small donation.

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