Bundled Extensions

This directory contains the core set of bundled extensions for UNTV. These 6 extensions provide the functionality supported by the UNTV core team. The extensions are outlined below.

Instant Streaming

The Instant Streaming extension enables users to search and browse movies that have been added to the Yify Torrents website. The content is delivered via BitTorrent and streamed to the global Player for viewing.

Video Library

The Video Library extension enables users to watch videos on their hard drive or connected devices. The extension provides access to the file system so that users can store their media however they please. Thumbnails are generated via FFMPEG, so the user must have FFMPEG installed on their system to take advantage of this feature.

Music Player

This extension was removed from the bundled scope, but is being developed as a third-party extension found here.

The Music Player extension enables the user to play music stored on their hard drive or connected device. They may also create custom playlists. Cover art is shown using the musicmetadata module as well as artist and album information if it is available. The user selects a directory to use as their music library so it may be indexed upon first use and may change this via the Settings extension at any time.

The Photo Gallery extension provides a simple way to to view photos stored on the user's local disk or connected device. Full filesystem access is given to the user and directories are loaded upon selection and photos are organized in a pleasant cover-flow style interface.

Extension Manager

The Extension Manager extension allows users to search and browse third party extensions, install or remove them, and keep them up to date.

Settings & Preferences

All extensions that hook into the Settings API can have their configuration modified from this extension. Also provides global system configuration like network connections, etc.