API Documentation

Welcome, hacker! Here you can find resources for learning about how to develop extensions and themes for UNTV. These are living documents and may change often. If you discover any gaps, please feel free to fork this site on GitHub and send a pull request.


Quick Start

Since UNTV aims to provide support for as many codecs as possible, it uses a custom build of Node-Webkit which I have compiled for linux64, darwin32, and win32. You may, however, use the upstream builds of Node-Webkit, but you will sacrifice playback support for just about everything except for .ogg and .webm.

Clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/untv/untv.git

Install dependencies using Node Package Manager:

cd untv && sudo npm install

Make sure you have CoffeeScript installed globally (we use cake for tasks):

sudo npm install coffee-script -g

Run cake setup from the project root to download your platform's custom build of node-webkit and unpack it to the bin/ directory.

Alternatively download the custom build of node-webkit here: https://file.ac/s4Lt3Vo6rls/ Then, unzip and place contents in the bin/nw-0.8.4-custom directory.

Run cake start from the project root to launch UNTV.

Run cake build from the project root to bundle a distributable release for your platform.